Hello World.

Before setting up this blog, my past blogging experience has only been with Wordpress. Rather than wrangling Wordpress' workflow of plugins, drafts, MAMP, databases, enqueuing, and all the rest, Jekyll has turned out to be a breath of fresh air! While a powerful CMS with a non-technical interface and database storage is the right tool some situations, it's easy to see how it can be overkill for other situations.

Jekyll is a clean, lightweight blogging tool for hackers, as it is built to turn HTML and markdown files into entry-based content. It took me about 30 seconds to get up and running with it, as it ships with a local server and lots of demo files. The docs are thorough, but the most awesome feature, in my mind, is that it also ships with sass ready to use — you don't even need to think about setting up a compiler!

I'll most likely start moving over my Philodendron Co. Wordpress blog to this framework, since it looks like Jekyll is also well-built to handle migrations and imports. Stay tuned!